• Pastor Moise Ratsara

    Moise Ratsara is an ordained minister. He grew up in a missionary family and has lived in more than eleven countries and survived multiple wars. He has had the privilege to travel and speak around the world about his Savior and is passionate about Evangelism. Moise also serves on the leadership of G.Y.C, a grassroots movement of young Seventh-day Adventists with a mission to inspire and challenge their peers to take sacrificial initiative for Christ. He is married to his best friend Amy, an attorney, and they have a son, Kai. Moise enjoys reading, writing poetry, and spending time with family.

  • Arthur Hack - Head Elder

    Additional Elders: Dan Roberts - Asst Head, Daniel Burch Sr. Reuben Eliuk, Bob Salmon, Brian Shade and Joe Williams.

  • Dan Roberts - Property finance chairperson

    Property Finance Committee:  Donald Jensen, Tony Sherman, Travis McClintock, Kennedy Mwanda, Sherry Roberts & Leslie Artis. 

  • Tony Sherman - Head Deacon

    Additional Deacons: George Hopper, Kennedy Mwanda, Jeff Skapnit & Amit Aswali - Asst. Heads, Bill Bakkila, Dennis Case, Esmort Chisowa, Greg Copin, Donald Jensen, Ken Losey, Jerry Zacharias

  • Cindy Zacharias - Head Deaconess

    Additional Deaconesses: Dylite Adams, Janet Lamb & Christa Sherman - Asst. Deaconesses, AM Banaag, Eloisa Banaag, Theresa Bodenberg, Eloise Boothby, Sharon Brown, Alisha Cook, Cherie Copin, Jan Eliuk, Jan Herrick, Jane Lloyd, Galina McClintock, Alma Stone, Judi Trumbull, and Ingrid Williams.

  • Donald jensen - Treasurer

    Asst. Treasurers: Judith Chisowa, George Hopper, Travis McClintock, Alice Mwanda, and

    Janet Lamb

  • Marjie Shade & Salena Parker - Office Staff

    Marjie Shade: Office Staff & Church Clerk

    Salena Parker - Office Staff

  • Church Board

    Pastor Ratsara - Chairperson, Art Hack, Dan Roberts, Dan Burch, Sr., Reuben Eliuk, Bob Salmon, Brian Shade, Joe Williams, Tony Sherman, Cindy Zacharias, Donald Jensen, Marjie Shade & Ingrid Williams.

  • Local Church officers

    In the Seventh-day Adventist Church, pastors have two primary tasks: to win souls to Christ through personal and public evangelism and to organize, train, and equip believers for servce in the local church. Thus, a great deal of the various ministries and operations of the Kalamazoo Seventh-day Adventist Church are done by dedicated and faithful volunteers. For a handy chart outlining all the responsibilities of our local church members, CLICK HERE.